About the Pool

The pool is 23.4 metres long and 9.7 metres wide. It has a shallow end which is 1.1m deep and a deeper end of 2.1m.  The pool is generally heated at around 26 degrees celsius throughout the summer months allowing for comfortable leisure swimming and long swim workouts. In the winter, the heating is turned off and cold water swimming sessions are available.  The variable depth of the pool also makes it perfect for both families and lane swimmers alike. 

The pool in 2016


Whitchurch Community Swimming Pool was originally constructed in 1964 as a school pool on school premises.  The school at that time was known as Whitchurch Secondary Modern, and the pool was built with community raised funds.  Pupils were required to take into school each week a book to be stamped, showing how much they had raised and handing over the money.  It was a community effort instigated by a much-loved and well-respected PE Teacher, who taught at the school, Mr. Pat Kettle. The pool sides and bottom were made of fibreglass and a swimming gala was part of the grand opening in 1965 by 1960’s ‘pop star’ Craig Douglas.

Following a major refurbishment in 2013 the pool was closed in 2019 due to COVID and was not re-opened.  A lengthy campaign by the local community, many of whom attended the school and contributed to the original fundraising and learned to swim in the pool, proved successful, and the community are now engaged in bringing it back to operational status.