About Us

Our team

We consist entirely of volunteers, from a group of Trustees, to the Management Committee and Support Volunteers. 

We all continue to work extremely hard to bring this pool back into operational use for the community and it is our aim to be open all year round so that it can also be enjoyed by cold water swimmers as well as those who will use it during the warmer months when the pool is heated. 

The Management Committee will oversee the running of the pool and manage the day-to-day operation and deal with memberships, admissions, swimmers enquiries and feedback.  We will have specialist trained technicians who are licensed to operate the pool plant and test the water to ensure the water quality is at its optimum for the comfort of swimmers.  We will also have trained and qualified Lifeguards and First Aiders.

Meet our Trustees!

Chloe Ashfield

I was born and raised in Whitchurch and spent many a balmy evening after school using the pool. I have less romantic memories of the annual Testbourne Swimming Gala but look forward to the pool once again being a fun place for all to enjoy!

I have 3 daughters who are all very excited about the pool returning to the community. I might even brave the pool to practise my ‘mum’ swimming!

I am the elected Borough Cllr for Whitchurch, Laverstoke and Overton and in my spare time I am CEO of an asset finance company.

Janin Cromarty

I’ve been a resident of Whitchurch for 24 years. I am married to Tim and have one son, who went to both Whitchurch schools; the Primary and Testbourne and is now at College.

I’m keen to have a resource in Whitchurch that is open to everyone, of all ages and abilities although I don’t think I’ll be dipping my toes during the cold water winter months!


I was born in Overton and moved over the “Hill” when I got married (My Dad was born and bred in Whitchurch and his family before that – before anyone says “boo” to the Overton link!)

I have two children and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to get involved with helping the Pool in Whitchurch. Like Janin, I won’t be getting in the pool in the winter months but happy to support from the side with a hot drink in my hand!

When the pool is up and running, I have been asked to be the official photographer as I’m a professional photographer with a Studio in the centre of Whitchurch.


I have lived in Whitchurch for 20 years but was born and raised in Overton. I am a qualified children’s and Specialist Community public health nurse within school nursing working with children across the North of Hampshire.

Due to having access to a pool throughout my childhood I understand how important this resource is for a local community hence my commitment to ensuring our community can have the same access.


I have lived in Whitchurch since 2011, I have two children at schools locally. I work for an international consultancy company supporting clients with compliance and continuous improvement.

I am passionate to help open the pool for our community, it will be a great asset for Whitchurch and look forward to see if Matt really doesn’t like swimming!

Matt Stafford

I’ve lived in Whitchurch since 2014, having lived locally since 2000. I work for a Canadian software company. I’m married to Amy, and have three girls at school in Whitchurch at the primary school and Testbourne.

I like to spend time in my “home county” of Devon, and I don’t really like swimming. Luckily the rest of the family do.