There’s a lot of work to do!

The pool has been closed since 2019 but we want to bring it back into use and make it better than ever!  As you can see from the photographs there is a lot of work to do!

We need to clear encroaching vegetation to the boiler casing, fencing, plant room, shed and generally overgrowing in walkways

We need to make repairs to fencing, remove the existing gates and replace with fencing, re-site gate to the front area, rub down fencing and paint both sides.

Paving surrounding the pool is generally in good order but a little work is required here and there with a good clean essential to avoid slipperiness.

The small wall surrounding the pool needs a be of renovation where it has ‘blown’ and will need to be repainted.

The top of the wall needs all the cracked and flaking rubberised paint scrapping off, any damage or holes to the fibreglass underneath need to be filled, sanded down and then a couple of coats of chlorinated rubberised paint added.

The shed leaks and will need to be moved and made watertight, preferably insulated inside.  This will likely become the ‘Snack Shack’ serving hot and cold drinks so a Fridge and Hot water urn will need to be purchased.

Hygiene facilities including toilets, wash hand basin and an outside shower need to be built/installed.

The various parts of the plant that work to keep the pool water in clear and good condition need to be serviced. Replacement filters, skimmers, parts and new filtration media need to be purchased. An auto-doser system needs to be purchased and sited in the plant room.  This may require the plant room to be extended.

The 2 existing pool covers need replacing and the old ones disposed of.

We must update/renew signage including safety signage which has faded and needs replacement or is non-existent.

We will need to purchase 2 new secure chemical cabinets and various types of chemicals and water testing equipment.

Materials are needed for volunteers to start clearing up the pool and connecting the pools own utilities supplies to make it independent of Testbourne Community School supplies.

We need to pay for the plant room operators, lifeguards and first aiders need to attend training courses and supply them with the equipment they need to carry out their duties.

We need to take out several different Insurance Policies and find the right software to manage Memberships, Admissions and Payments.

Lets work together to deliver Whitchurch a great Community Asset!