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Please take a look around our website which will evolve as we go through various phases to get the pool operational, so please keep reading! Do bear with us though; we know it’s not yet complete and we have to add all the boring bits at the bottom of the page!

We are keen that when operational, the pool will be inclusive for all, and we are proud to tell you that we have generated this website using a special font called Atkinson Hyperlegible. This font was been designed so people with vision impairment will find the typeface easier to read than any others. For example, the font doesn’t feature extra squiggles to letters and to help distinguish the letter O from the number 0, you will see that the number has a line across it like this 0. To find out more please see this link https://brailleinstitute.org/freefont

As you can see from the photo above, there is a lot of work to do to return it to its former glory and we will tackle this in several phases. The first is to fundraise, and there will be a lot of information about our crowdfunding appeals, financial donations and our events; you will find details of our fundraising events on the ‘Events Calendar’ on our Home page and we hope to see you all at some of them!  We are receptive to ideas of what events to put on, and happy to receive any items to be used for raffles and of course, anything that can be used as a Reward incentive on any crowdfunding appeals we run.   We would love to hear from you if you plan to do something that will raise funds, such as a bake sale, skydive or any another event you plan! Just let us know so we can endorse it and help publicise it for you.

Our second phase will be all about our refurbishment and renovations.   There is a lot of work to do to existing structures, maybe some new building work too.  Fencing needs to be repaired/replaced and painted, the existing gates will be removed and a new one sited elsewhere, toilet facilities created and a snack shack.  We also need to ensure we have two purpose built chemical cabinets. 

The third phase will be to purchase cleaning equipment for the pool and its surrounding, pool chemicals, pool covers and maybe some new items for the plant.  We need to pay to train our pool plant operators, our lifeguards and first aiders and purchase any equipment they may all need.  We will also need to have in place our membership, admission and payment systems.

Alongside all those phases, the Trustees and Committee will be working hard to ensure we are able to deliver everything needed.  We will continue to work for you in the background keeping you all informed as things happen and will be letting you know when we need to have working parties to help through any of the phases and of course, when we are ready to go operational!

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